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How to find a referral ID for registration?

To register in OTC website user needs to acquire Referral link or Referral ID which is the username of the person who referred them to the website. In case you don’t have either of these please contact us at [email protected] with corresponding message and we’ll be more than happy to provide this to you.

What is a Virtual office? How to activate VO?

After registration user needs to activate the Virtual Office which costs 60 USD annually. The Virtual Office is a space with customised tools which allows one to run their own business, accounts, make payment orders, control marketing network, do online purchases and activate Membership card.

To activate the VO user needs to send a Bitcoin, following the corresponding link after registration, which will open company's payment system page.

How to activate a Project?

To become a member of OurTeamClub users need to sell Bitcoin to company, activating one of the proposed Projects.

To activate a Project, users must log in, open the "MY PROJECT" subpage, click on "VIEW" button and get acquainted with the specific conditions of the Projects, select the Project they want to activate, then click the "ACTIVATE" button. After this payment window will show up where users will see the QR code containing the payment details.

Afterwards users need to open the corresponding mobile phone application, press the "SCAN" or "QR Code" button, bring the phone camera close to the computer screen and scan the QR code to send the required Bitcoins to the company.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is forbidden to enter payment details manually or modify the data that is automatically filled out after scanning. Otherwise the payment will be considered invalid and the Project activation will be cancelled.

How to upgrade an active Project?

The company allows its users to upgrade their existing Projects within 16 day period by paying for the difference between the price of new and current Projects.

To upgrade the Project users need to sign in, open "My Project" subpage, select the Project they want to replace with the current Project, click on "Upgrade" button and transfer the required Bitcoins to the company.

From the moment of upgrading the Project the new Project's conditions apply to user, however the starting date of the previous Project will be kept, and the sum of the revenue generated during the previous Project is deducted from the new Project maximum limit.

What is a referral link and what to do with it?

OTC users can provide referral services by the Referral link. From "MY REFERRAL LINK" page using the "Right", "Left," and "Small Leg" options users can configure the location of the person in the marketing network who is going to be registered with their Referral link.After selecting the option user needs to press the "Copy" button and send it to the registered user.

What is a Direct Sale program. How many referrals can user do?

One of the 5 types of Bonus profit is the Direct sales bonus.

When users provide a referral service, they get 5% of the price of the sold Project. Users can provide referral services until they reach Project’s maximum profitability.

What are the fees set by company?

There are no hidden fees, charges, commission fees inside the company.

OTC has set a fee of 2%+1 USD for the Cashout service only.

When can users do cashout and are there limitations on it?

The funds transferred to the user by the Company may be encashed within the terms and conditions below:

For EXPRESS projects, there are cashout limits, and OTC users may issue a cashing order only if they exceed the limits set out below.

Element - 36$,Nano - 72$,Extra Small - 100$,Small - 150$,Middle - 309$,Big - 954$,Extra Big - 2 943$,Orient - 9 072$.After 20.08.2022Element - 35$,Nano - 55$,Extra Small - 80$,Small - 100$,Middle - 144$,Big - 200$,Extra Big - 400$,Orient - 800$.

In order to do cashout from marketing income, regardless of the activated Project, users need to exceed the limit of 100$(after 20.08.2022 80$) and give a payment order. All types of payment orders are processed and approved by the company within five business days after which the relevant transaction is carried out.

Why user information is collected and where is it used?

OTC reserves a right to properly study all partners and clients, with whom it establishes business relation. For that purpose we collect information before establishing a relationship and during the whole relationship.The information is stored in a secure, digital form in the database, and the photographs are stored in the digital system (file system) on OTC or Third Party server.

All the information is kept safe with us, and can be provided to the State bodies only in cases provided by law.The legal basis for collecting and processing personal data is the RA Law on Personal Data Protection, as well as OTC Privacy Policy.

How can account be cancelled? Can user cancel project anytime? Will user receive the full refund and added funds?

User has the right to unilaterally refuse the Project within 14 days after the activation and receive back their Bitcoins (if nothing else is set by the Project).

After Project activation till Project end date user has the right to unilaterally terminate the Project by paying the resignation Payment set for the Project.

To cancel their account, user needs to send email to [email protected]  indicating their username, the reason (s) for canceling the account and follow the instructions of our Support Team.

How are user funds guaranteed?

OTC is not an investment company or a fund and does not provide investment services. OTC acquires cryptocurrencies from its users with a term payment and option clauses. The terms conditions on these are set out in the Legal Documents. Users agree to the terms and conditions set out in these documents when transferring cryptocurrency to OTC for any Project. AAll relations with OTC are contractual, and the legislation applicable to the company by virtue of its place of registration and activity applies to such relations. Your rights are protected by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, applicable EU regulations, international law.

How and where from can users obtain Bitcoins?

Users can get Bitcoin from online crypto-exchanges, mining, personal transfers etc.

What is KYC?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is an internal process, through which OTC collects some information about its customers. Customer survey is widely used nowadays and will soon become a mandatory requirement by FATF for business entities engaged in transactions with cryptocurrencies.

You can find more information about this at

What is a business unit (BU) and how to increase it?

Accumulation of business units (BU) occurs when making purchases from the company's online store.

In order to accumulate 1 business unit (BU), it is necessary to make a purchase equivalent to 25 USD. In the month following the purchase, they will be automatically added to the appropriate section of your Virtual Office.

Accumulation of business units is also a prerequisite for Career advancement.

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